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About the Hainesport Transportation Group

The Hainesport Transportation Group, based in New Jersey, focuses on the needs of companies involved with solid waste streams.


Our core focus is the ownership of waste companies located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and/or Delaware which may be integrated into our transportation and waste transfer capabilities.


We have been successful in leveraging our C&D transfer station, our shingle re-load regional trucking company, and our roll-off company so that each contributes to the profitability of the other.


The Hainesport Transportation Group is a privately-held company.

Who We Are

Darryl Caplan

Darryl Caplan is the Founder and Managing Director of the Hainesport Transportation Group (HTG) as well as a founder of several of its affiliated entities including Hainesport Transfer, USE&L, Champion Disposal, R&B Debris and Hainesport Secondary Railroad. As Managing Director, he has oversight of HTG’s and its affiliated company’s corporate, legal and financial functions.

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Over the past 25 years, through involvement with several transportation companies, he has developed a deep understanding of the complicated relationship between Federal Preemption, as it relates to Railroads, and State and Local Solid Waste Rules and regulations and the applicability to transportation companies, transfer stations, and recycling centers.

He played a lead role in navigating the regulatory structure of both Federal and state requirements in forming and developing the first and only fully permitted Railroad Transfer Station in the State of New Jersey.
Darryl has a Juris Doctorate Degree from Widener School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Rutgers University. He has served on several Civic and Charitable Boards and served as President of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce and Vice Chairman of the Burlington County Library Commission.

Ronald W. Bridges

With 30 years of experience in the rail industry, Ron Bridges brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Founder and Managing Director at the Hainesport Transportation Group.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Transportation in 1970, he joined the Erie Lackawana Railroad. In 1976, the Erie Lackawana was included as part of the newly formed entity known as Conrail. During his early years at Conrail, Ron held sales management positions covering territories from Houston to New York, and was responsible for the transport of commodities including chemicals, metals, food, paper, lumber, and manufactured goods.

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Ron spent the last ten years of his career at Conrail’s Philadelphia headquarters, first as Director of Marketing – Forest Products, and then as Assistant Vice President – Forest & Manufactured Products. In that role, Ron was responsible for sales, marketing, customer service and P&L for his line of business. In this key position, he made a significant impact on the company’s bottom line by bringing in new revenue and increasing profitability.

Since 2005, Ron has been involved in the creation and oversight of Hainesport Transfer and Hainesport Secondary Railroad, along with the other companies that make up the Hainesport Transportation Group.

His strength is in identifying opportunities and then bringing the customer, partners, and suppliers together to develop a win-win solution, demonstrated by his track record in developing several trans-load facilities while at Conrail, and more recently with the establishment and success of the Hainesport Transportation Group family of companies.

Ron has developed strong professional relationships during his extensive career – from customers to Class 1 railroads to vendors. He is well respected in the shipping community across a wide range of business entities, and across many different industries.

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